‘A Practical Guide to Applications and Hearings in the Magistrates and County Courts in Relation to the Child Maintenance Service’ by Crispin Hayhoe


Paperback: 978-1-914608-29-2
Published: December 2023
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This book is a practical guide for those dealing with cases involving the Child Maintenance Service (Child Support Agency that was) in the Magistrates and County Court.

In a concise single volume it sets out the key steps from an assessment of child maintenance to the imposition of sanctions for failing to pay. It identifies the tools used by the Child Maintenance Service to recover unpaid child maintenance and the various processes, appeals and safeguards that exist to protect the Paying Person.

The key legislative provisions and case law are identified allowing the reader to quickly see what arguments can be made and what obstacles need to be overcome. Most sections end with a series of “Top Tips” to assist the practitioner in focusing in on what needs to be done to best present their client’s case.

This readable volume is an invaluable cost-effective resource for practitioners advising clients in this field well worth the investment of the reader’s time and money.


Crispin Hayhoe is a practising barrister who regularly deals with Child Support cases and has done so for almost 20 years. As a qualified accountant and former Licenced Insolvency Practitioner as well as a lawyer he is able to give focused and highly cost-effective advice to clients. Crispin is the first-choice advocate for the Child Maintenance Service for its high profile cases, some of which have been reported in the national media.


Chapter 1: Claims – Calculation/Assessment
Chapter 2: Paternity
Chapter 3: At Court
Chapter 4: Information Offences
Chapter 5: Deduction From Earnings Order
Chapter 6: Regular and Lump Sum Deduction Orders
Chapter 7: Liability Orders
Chapter 8: Set-Aside Applications
Chapter 9: Sanctions
Chapter 10: County Court Hearings
Chapter 11: Other “Defences” And Issues Arising in Child Maintenance Cases
Chapter 12: Complaints and Appeals