‘A Practical Guide to Personal Injury Trusts’ by Alan Robinson


Paperback: 978-1-911035-08-4

Published: December 2016

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Means tested social security benefits normally include a capital rule, under which someone with excess capital is disqualified from the benefit. Because a windfall, such as a legacy, can thereby deprive the claimant, the rules were amended to allow compensation for personal injury to be exempt from the capital rule if placed into a trust. This in turn awakened interest in the personal injury trust as a method of dealing effectively with compensation for personal injury, and also of ensuring tax efficiency. Personal injury trusts, therefore, have become a basic tool for use by personal injury practitioners. This book provides a practical guide to dealing with this type of trust.


Alan Robinson qualified as a solicitor in 1972 and has spent the whole of his working life involved with two areas of law – welfare law, in particular social security law, and work with charities and voluntary organisations. He retired from legal practice in 2010, having been running his own firm for a number of years, and now works part-time as a consultant and trainer.


Chapter One – Personal Injury Trusts: Overview and Preliminary Considerations

Chapter Two – Means-Tested Benefits: Principal Rules

Chapter Three – How Personal Injury Compensation Is Dealt With

Chapter Four – Non Contributory Disability Benefits

Chapter Five – Local Authority Services

Chapter Six – Paying for Care

Chapter Seven – NHS Continuing Health Care

Chapter Eight – Types of Personal Injury Trust

Chapter Nine – The Mentally Incapable Client and the Court of Protection

Chapter Ten – Problem Areas for Practitioners

Chapter Eleven – Conclusion and Further Resources

Appendix 1 – State Pension Ages

Appendix 2 – Personal Independence Payments

Appendix 3 – Employment and Support Allowance