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Law Brief Publishing
Law Brief Publishing was founded in 2006 by Tim Kevan and Garry Wright. It publishes Law Brief Books providing practical guides for the profession, PIBULJ.COM which is the UK’s leading online PI journal and Law Brief Update which consists of a series of free legal newsletters.

timkevan1Tim Kevan
Tim Kevan is a director of Law Brief Publishing. He practised as a barrister for ten years at 1 Temple Gardens (now Temple Garden Chambers). He has written or co-written a number of law books and also wrote two legal comedy novels for Bloomsbury Publishing based on the BabyBarista blog. He lives in Braunton in North Devon with his wife Louise and daughters Grace and Hope.  See his LinkedIn profile here.

garry2Garry Wright

Garry Wright is also a director of Law Brief Publishing. He is an IT expert and has a degree in theoretical physics. He lives in Somerset with his wife and two daughters. See his LinkedIn profile here.

jopyeJo Pye
Before joining Law Brief Publishing, Jo worked as an assistant to the senior partner of a firm of chartered accountants where she gained the AAT technician qualification. She is married with two children.



If you are a practising barrister or solicitor in the UK and you would like to write a law book for other legal professionals on one of your niche areas of practice please do drop us a line. We set a minimum word count of 15,000 words although prefer 20,000 to 30,000 words and generally set a six month timetable for completion. If this is of interest please contact us giving the following details: 

  1. Your experience working as a barrister or solicitor.
  2. The topic and why it needs a book.
  3. Your specific professional experience in the area.
  4. Confirmation that the target market is other legal professionals.

We will always answer but cannot guarantee to give reasons or enter into further correspondence more generally.


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