‘A Practical Guide to Dog Law for Owners and Others’ by Andrea Pitt

Paperback: 978-1-911035-26-8
Published: September 2017
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This straight-forward, plain language guide is an essential reference for all dog owners and others involved with dogs. Topics covered include:

  • Ownership, chattels, and ‘being in charge’.
  • Contracts for buying and selling dogs including types of contractual terms and remedies for broken contracts.
  • Responsibilities of being an owner including ID tags, microchipping and tattooing, stray dogs and public authority’s responsibility and powers.
  • Tips on what to do if you are involved in an incident, defences and possible outcomes.
  • Dangerous dogs.
  • Civil complaints.
  • Irresponsible owners.
  • Dog waste.
  • Persistent barking.
  • Injuries in your home other than the criminal law
  • Dogs escaping.
  • Responsibility to other road users.
  • Animal welfare.


A barrister with nearly 30 years in practice, both as a self-employed barrister and whilst employed by the Crown Prosecution Service. Andrea is also a fee paid Employment Judge and a Legally Qualified Chair for Police Misconduct Hearings.

After her border terrier, Jasper, came into her life she discovered that dog ownership was an area of law where people were unsure of their responsibilities and their rights, and that the only books available were designed for professionals. She has since written articles for ‘Lines’ the Northern Border Terrier annual book, and is putting together seminars aimed at the general public. The first one at ‘Borderfest’, a gathering for Border terrier owners was well received.

Andrea has a general interest in animal welfare, in particular dogs, and is a member of the Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare.