‘A Practical Guide to Claims Arising From Accidents Abroad and Travel Claims’ by Andrew Mckie & Ian Skeate


Paperback: 978-1-911035-02-2

Published: March 2017

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This book looks at all aspects of the claims process for accidents abroad and travel claims, from cradle to grave. The book covers all aspects of accidents abroad including but not limited to claims under the 1992 Package Travel Regulations, accidents on ships, accidents on planes, accidents on tour operator excursions, ski/snowboard accidents, quantum and causation in travel claims, and costs. The aim of this book is to provide a clear but comprehensive guide to this area of practice, that can be utilised by practitioners on a day-to-day basis, in Claimant and Defendant practice. The book has a focus on running accidents abroad and travel claims in an efficient way post Jackson, spotting the winners and vetting the losing claims early on.


The writers are both self-employed personal injury practitioners and also own a BSB Regulated entity that accidents abroad and travel claims.

Andrew Mckie, Barrister at Clerksroom Manchester, is a specialist in claimant and defendant personal injury, with a particular interest in cases involving alleged fraud, credit hire, highways, occupiers and defective premises cases. He was previously Head of Litigation and In-House Solicitor Advocate at a claimant personal injury firm with over 50 staff.

Ian Skeate joined Clerksroom in January 2010 after practising from St Johns Buildings, Manchester since 2003. He has particular expertise in Personal Injury, Professional Discipline and Regulation, Employment and Costs. Ian is based in Manchester but his practice extends throughout the country especially in London.


1. Claims Under the Package Travel Regulations 1992

2. Claims Under the Athens Convention for Accidents at Sea and Cruise Ship Claims

3. Air Accidents and the Montreal Convention

4. Holiday Illness and the Wood v TUI UK case

5. Package Claims under the 1992 Regulations and Evidence of Local Standards

6. Causation Investigations – Medical Causation Issues, Gathering Medical Records and Credibility Issues

7. Quantum – QOCS / Costs in Relation to Accidents Abroad; Disclosure; and Pre Action Protocols

8. Rome II – Motor Accidents Abroad and Accidents in the UK involving Foreign Drivers

9. Conclusions and the Small Claims Track