‘Contempt of Court and the New Rules’ by Abid Mahmood


Paperback: 978-1-912687-94-7
Published: August 2021
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This new book is a vital resource guide for all who deal with, and find themselves involved in, contempt of court proceedings, particularly in the civil and family courts. It will be of considerable use to lawyers, to the judiciary, to litigants in person and to law centres.

In view of the urgency with which such proceedings are brought, this essential practical guide is a must for bookshelves. The easily accessible and readable format means that the reader can quickly see the steps to take and the traps to avoid.

The book covers both law and procedure and has extensive reference to the new Part 81 of the Civil Procedure Rules and to the new Part 37 of the Family Procedure Rules.

The book will also be of use to those who practice across various jurisdictions as it has references to the contempt rules in the Court of Protection and it has extensive examples of recent cases at the Business and Property Courts. There is reference also to contempt proceedings at the Tribunals.

In a highly practical format, this work covers the type, scope and use of contempt of court. Separate chapters deal extensively with procedure. The section on penalties for contempt provides the latest key developments and guidance from recent case law.

A useful checklist is provided which enables both the parties and the court to have an at-a-glance view of the various essential steps in contempt of court proceedings. This will assist those who bring the contempt proceedings and those who are defending them or even hearing the proceedings.

There is an important guide on how alleged contemnors can and should secure non-means tested legal aid.

This new book is the first to incorporate the important procedural changes brought about by the new CPR Part 81 and FPR Part 37.


Abid Mahmood has been a barrister since 1992. He is recognised in law directories as a leading practitioner in four practice areas across England and Wales.

He has been sitting as a Judge in various jurisdictions since 2006, including at the Crown Court, County Court (civil law and family law) and in the Upper Tribunal and First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber).

As a barrister, he has appeared at all levels of cases, including in successful appeals as lead counsel at the Supreme Court.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – Contempt by Individuals and Body Corporates
Chapter Three – Different Types of Contempt
Chapter Four – Legal Representation and Legal Aid
Chapter Five – Gypsy and Traveller Cases
Chapter Six – Courts and Tribunals
Chapter Seven – The Initial Steps in Contempt Proceedings
Chapter Eight – Procedure
Chapter Nine – Penalties for Contempt of Court
Chapter Ten – Appeals