‘A Practical Guide to Subtle Brain Injury Claims’ by Pankaj Madan


Paperback: 978-1-911035-10-7
Published: December 2016
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‘Subtle’ Brain Injuries are a difficult and widely misunderstood and under-diagnosed area. The term may suggest that the injury is minor when so often the effect may be extremely serious for the individual and the family and may have a very high value in monetary terms.

This book is a concise guide to identifying those brain injuries which may otherwise go undetected and uncompensated and aims to provide a short guide to help those bringing and defending such claims.

It contains a brief overview, of ‘Subtle’ Traumatic Brain Injury (‘STBI’), what it is and how to recognise it and what causes it, whether this is a psychiatric or organic injury and whether it is open to abuse by malingerers. Also covering the management of a case involving Subtle Brain Injury and what lawyers can do practically to ensure the best outcome in such a case.

The aim is to enlighten this often difficult and under-appreciated side of Personal Injury Litigation.

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Pankaj Madan is a senior practising personal injury barrister, Deputy District Judge and Lecturer in personal injury law at 12 King’s Bench Walk, London and Exchange Chambers in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool

He is recognised by the Legal 500 as a leading name with specialist expertise in Brain Injury cases. He also has particular expertise in high value Complex Regional Pain Syndrome claims. He acts in largely equal measure for Claimants and Defendants and he has lectured extensively to distinguished audiences, to an international audience of doctors and lawyers at the Royal Society of Medicine and The Peterhouse Cambridge Medico-Legal Conference.

He is from a medical family and is married to a Consultant in Psychiatry.