‘A Practical Guide to New Build Conveyancing – Second Edition’ by Paul Sams & Rebecca East


Paperback: 978-1-914608-90-2
Published: April 2023
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The UK is one of the few countries in the world where home ownership really strikes a chord with the population like no other. As the population grows then the only way to house them is to build more new property. This in itself has become a niche area of law. Many lawyers shy away from it due to the time pressure often placed and different nuances to already existing property.

This updated book provides a practical guide for practitioners on how to approach such matters based on the writers’ practical experience of dealing with these niche areas of law and their experience from running seminars on the topic for other lawyers across England and Wales. Planning, new homes warranties and the now infamous Help to Buy scheme will all be considered from a pragmatic perspective taking into account the rapid changes in the housing market in the past few years following the Covid 19 pandemic.


Paul Sams is a practicing property Solicitor actively involved in residential, residential and commercial development with niche specialisms in leasehold enfranchisement matters plus equity release.

Rebecca East is a practicing Solicitor handling all aspects of residential conveyancing particularly new build purchases and equity release.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – What Is “New Build Conveyancing”?
Chapter Three – Planning and Building Regulations
Chapter Four – New Homes Warranties
Chapter Five – Searches
Chapter Six – Mortgages
Chapter Seven – Help to Buy
Chapter Eight – Estate Charges
Chapter Nine – Completion
Chapter Ten – Conclusion