‘A Practical Guide to TOLATA Claims’ by Greg Williams

Paperback: 978-1-911035-97-8
Publication due: June 2019
Price: £49.99


A practical guide to claims involving the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (TOLATA).

This work is intended to serve as a reference guide to the busy cohabitation practitioner. It comprises six chapters providing an insight into the points that typically arise in TOLATA claims: history and terminology; the Act itself with commentary; a detailed analysis of the leading cases including Stack v Dowden and Jones v Kernott; an expanded case law section, including the domestic and investment context; the taking of an account (equitable accounting); and essential procedure (both family and CPR). It will be of use to family and chancery practitioners alike, as well as litigants in person, arbitrators and any other person who wishes to more fully understand property law in the cohabitation context.


Greg Williams is a barrister at Coram Chambers. His practice is almost exclusively finance related, with particular expertise in Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (‘TOLATA’) claims, Inheritance Act, Contested Probate, and other property related work.