‘A Practical Guide to Procedure for Tenants to Terminate Business Tenancies’ by Mark Shelton


Paperback: 978-1-913715-96-0
Published: November 2021
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It might seem at first glance that termination of a commercial tenancy should usually be a very simple business. What makes it complicated is the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, paradoxically an Act designed to protect tenants. While it does give tenants important and valuable rights, it is a highly technical piece of legislation, and offers different means of termination at different stages of the tenancy.

When a tenant has decided to bring its lease to an end, it will often be a priority to do so as soon as possible, so as to limit the exposure to further rental payments. The complexity of the Act means that opportunities can be missed, unless the tenant’s advisors are on top of the law and procedure.

This book sets out the options available at all stages, from the first day of the tenancy through to the expiry date and beyond.


Mark practised in major commercial law firms for thirty years, specialising in property dispute resolution. He has acted for businesses large and small, including FTSE-listed property companies and household-name corporate occupiers, across the whole range of property-related issues.

He is now a full-time commercial property management law trainer, putting his expertise and experience to good use in training both lawyers and surveyors. He delivers training both in-house and for providers including MBL Seminars, Professional Conferences, CPT Events and Solicitors Group. Mark is also the author of a number of books within his areas of expertise.


Chapter One – Overview of Security of Tenure for Businesses
Chapter Two – Termination by Tenant’s Contractual Notice
Chapter Three – Other Modes of Termination Outside the 1954 Act
Chapter Four – General Guidance on Drafting and Service of Notices
Chapter Five – Notice of Non-Continuance Under Section 27(1)
Chapter Six – Notice to Terminate Under Section 27(2)
Chapter Seven – Section 25, Section 26, and Competent Landlord
Chapter Eight – Termination by Going Out of Occupation
Chapter Nine – Termination After the Issue of Proceedings
Practical Scenarios – The Right Answer for Different Situations


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– Mark Allison, Surveyor