‘Running a Family Law File – A Handbook for Trainees and Paralegals’ by Stuart Barlow


Paperback: 978-1-916698-04-8
Published: August 2023
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Family law is an immensely wide-ranging subject where no individual area has escaped some kind of statutory or procedural change over recent years. This handbook is aimed at the family law trainee and paralegal, but is a reference book for all family law practitioners. It is intensely practical and gives advice to all who work in the field of family law.

This book begins with the law firm: where the practitioner works, who works there and what they do. It then moves on to the most important people, the client, and how that professional relationship develops over time. The book explores how best to help the client both outside and inside the court room incorporating a full range of orders and procedures.


Stuart Barlow is in the family team at Bhatia Best Solicitors. He has specialised in Family Law for over 40 years. His focus is now on representing Parents and other parties in Children Cases. He is a member of the Law Society Children Panel and Accredited Specialist with Resolution in Private Children and Cohabitation Law. He is the former Chief Assessor of the Law Society Family Law Panel and adjudicator for the Legal Aid Agency. He is a regular presenter of training courses for family lawyers throughout England and Wales and the author of several family law books.


PART A – Firms, Files & Clients
Chapter 1 – The Structure of Law Firms
Chapter 2 – Internal Workings of a Law Firm
Chapter 3 – Roles in a Law Firm
Chapter 4 – Information Ahead of the First Meeting
Chapter 5 – The First Meeting With the Client
Chapter 6 – Follow Up Work After the First Meeting
Chapter 7 – Vulnerable Clients – Matters to Look Out For
Chapter 8 – Managing Clients’ Expectations
Chapter 9 – Management of a Family Law File
Chapter 10 – Funding a Family Law Case
Chapter 11 – Closing a Family Law File

PART B – Orders
Chapter 12 – Family Court Orders
Chapter 13 – Divorce Proceedings
Chapter 14 – Financial Applications
Chapter 15 – Private Children Applications
Chapter 16 – Public Law Children Applications
Chapter 17 – Domestic Abuse Injunctions
Chapter 18 – Other Family Proceedings

PART C – Court
Chapter 19 – Arriving at Court
Chapter 20 – Inside the Court Room
Chapter 21 – Different Tribunals
Chapter 22 – Types of Hearings
Chapter 23 – Evidence on Oath
Chapter 24 – Remote Court Hearings

PART D – Procedures
Chapter 25 – Alternatives to Court Proceedings
Chapter 26 – Drafting Applications and Statements
Chapter 27 – Preparing Court Bundles
Chapter 28 – Instructing Counsel
Chapter 29 – Finding of Fact Hearings
Chapter 30 – Cafcass and Local Authority Reports
Chapter 31 – Litigants in Person & McKenzie Friends
Chapter 32 – Instructing Experts
Chapter 33 – Drafting Court Orders
Chapter 34 – Appeals
Chapter 35 – Enforcement of Court Orders
Chapter 36 – Thirty-Three Common Questions Asked by Clients in Family Cases