‘RTA Personal Injury Claims: A Practical Guide Post-Jackson’ by Andrew Mckie


Paperback: 978-0-9575530-7-1

Published: February 2015

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A clear but comprehensive guide to road traffic accident personal injury claims. Covers issues in relation to RTA claims dealing with such issues as the portal, fixed costs, liability, indemnity, vicarious liability, causation, litigation tactics, investigating quantum, vehicle related damages and head of special damages, commonly found in RTA cases and in particular focuses on the day-to-day issues in practice, one encounters with such cases.


Andrew Mckie, Barrister at Clerksroom Manchester, is a specialist in claimant and defendant personal injury, with a particular interest in cases involving alleged fraud, credit hire, highways, occupiers and defective premises cases. He was previously Head of Litigation and In-House Solicitor Advocate at a claimant personal injury firm with over 50 staff.


Chapter One – The Portals and Portal Costs

Chapter Two – Fixed Costs in Post July 2013 Cases and Predictive Costs Cases

Chapter Three – Causation Scenarios / Problems Identifying the Driver

Chapter Four – Investigating Liability and Causation

Chapter Five – Quantum – General Damages, Common Heads of Loss in RTA Claims (Non-Vehicle Related Damages) and Avoiding Negligence Claims

Chapter Six – Investigating Indemnity, The 1988 Road Traffic Act and Vicarious Liability

Chapter Seven – Vehicle Related Damages, Credit Hire and Taxi Claims

Chapter Eight – Liability Scenarios

Chapter Nine – Litigation Tactics

Chapter Ten – Future Developments in RTA Claims, Reducing Fraud and Costs