‘A Practical Guide to Residential Service Charges’ by Rachel Garton


Paperback: 978-1-913715-70-0
Published: September 2021
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Disputes over residential service charges are increasing in number each year. Despite residential service charges being heavily regulated by statute, the inherent conflict between the interests of landlords and tenants has led it to be a heavily litigated area with recent cases being of concern for both parties.

This book aims to provide an introduction to residential service charges with an overview of the matters that need to be considered when dealing with service charge disputes. It also provides insight into what should be included within a service charge clause both to ensure recovery of sums due and avoid disputes. It seeks to serve as a useful initial reference guide for surveyors and solicitors alike and encompasses an overview of the relevant residential statutory controls and case law.


Rachel Garton is a consultant solicitor for Nexa Law, specialising in property dispute resolution.

Her work comprises of all areas of property litigation and landlord and tenant matters, including: residential long leasehold, tenants right of first refusal, lease renewal litigation, commercial and residential possession proceedings, arbitrations under the Pubs Code Etc. Regulations 2016 and debt recovery.

She has a niche specialism in service charge disputes and has dealt with numerous service charge disputes from commercial and residential clients over the last 12 years as well as delivering a number of seminars on this topic for both the RICS and MBL Seminars.


Part One – General Principles Applicable to Service Charges
Chapter 1 – The Construction of the Service Charge Clause
Chapter 2 – Complying With the Mechanics of a Service Charge Clause
Chapter 3 – General Factors to Consider in Determining Whether the Service Charges Claimed Are Payable Under the Lease

Part Two – Statutory Regulations for Residential Service Charges
Chapter 4 – Section 20 Consultations: Purpose and Application
Chapter 5 – Section 20 Consultations: The Procedure
Chapter 6 – Section 20 Consultations: Dispensation and Non-Compliance
Chapter 7 – Reasonableness
Chapter 8 – Service Charge Demands
Chapter 9 – The Right to Request Information Relating to Service Charges
Chapter 10 – Other Statutory Restrictions in Respect of Residential Service Charges

Part Three – Disputes and Remedies
Chapter 11 – Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 12 – Applying to Vary the Lease
Chapter 13 – Applications for Determination as to Whether Service Charges Are Payable
Chapter 14 – Tenants Remedies for Non-Performance of the Landlord’s Obligations
Chapter 15 – Landlord’s Remedies for Non-Payment of Service Charges
Chapter 16 – Legal Costs
Chapter 17 – Possible Forthcoming Changes to the Legislation