‘A Practical Guide to Residential Leasehold Conveyancing’ by Lorraine Richardson

Paperback: 978-1-914608-39-1
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‘A Practical Guide to Residential Leasehold Conveyancing’ has been written by Lorraine Richardson, an experienced property solicitor and legal trainer. This is a book which is a handy reference guide for anyone carrying out leasehold conveyancing work – or doing exams on the subject.

‘I am about to deliver some bespoke structured leasehold training for a large conveyancing firm and needed a textbook covering the practical and legal aspects of leasehold conveyancing. I could not find a book that ticks all of the boxes – so I decided to write one!’

The book covers the anatomy of a long residential lease, how to draft a contract of sale, the registered leasehold title, management companies, the Leasehold Information Form, LPE1 and drafting deeds of covenant and leasehold notices. Lorraine brings her 30 years of experience to the book to highlight the key risks, challenges and pitfalls of dealing with the sale and purchase of a long residential lease.

‘I have noticed that many books on leasehold conveyancing spend a lot of time on the contents of the lease and the ‘academic’ issues, but focus less on the practicalities of such a transaction. For example, the difficulties with management companies, how to interpret the LPE1, how to raise enquiries once the management pack has been received and dealing with management company restrictions, to name but a few.

Leasehold conveyancing is complex and time consuming these days. We have issues with ground rents and lease residue and frequently changing lender requirements. Some of these issues will be addressed by the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 and the book covers this new legislation. But there are still many thousands of leases that will not be covered by the Act and the book will hopefully help hard pressed conveyancers to deal with those transactions.

The book complements my recently published book: ‘A Practical Guide to Residential Freehold Conveyancing’ and hopefully conveyancers will find both books helpful in practice. Conveyancing is all risk these days, so hopefully this book will help firms and their staff manage that risk more effectively.

The book will also help those doing conveyancing exams – it is a subject that only becomes clear once someone has the whole picture of the process.’

The Conveyancing Companion Series

This Practical Guide is the third in a series of books that Lorraine will write on a wide range of topics on the conveyancing process. The books are aimed at practitioners working in busy conveyancing departments who need a quick reference guide, but will also support those taking professional examinations such as the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, Cilex and Council for Licensed Conveyancers.


Lorraine Richardson is an experienced property solicitor and trainer who is a popular conference and CPD speaker. Lorraine is now freelance but when in practice she ran a branch office and was a partner and the COLP for her firm.

She also designs and delivers property and legal skills related courses and on-line materials including Conveyancing Quality Scheme training for the Law Society.

Lorraine has developed a skill for writing and delivering webinars and aims to produce work that is both interesting and accessible for the viewer. Lorraine is the major writer for the monthly update journal for practitioners, the ‘Practical Lawyer’.

Lorraine has set up her own company, Adapt Law Limited, and offers property related courses and webinars and a membership scheme for firms to access her webinars and personalised conveyancing training.

For more information go to www.adaptlaw.co.uk.