‘A Practical Guide to Residential Freehold Conveyancing’ by Lorraine Richardson


Paperback: 978-1-914608-08-7
Published: April 2022
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‘A Practical Guide to Residential Freehold Conveyancing’ has been written by Lorraine Richardson, an experienced property solicitor and legal trainer. This is a book which is a handy reference guide for anyone carrying out conveyancing work – or doing exams on the subject.

The book covers how to draft a contract of sale, investigation of registered title, pre-contract searches and when to do them and preparing for completion. Lorraine brings her 30 years of experience to the book to highlight the key risks, including money laundering and cybercrime.

‘I want to explain to readers in an unfussy way why they take the key steps in a freehold conveyancing transaction and how to deal with some of the key pitfalls that conveyancers come across. Conveyancing is all risk these days, so hopefully this book will help firms and their staff manage that risk more effectively.

The book will also help those doing conveyancing exams – it is a subject that only becomes clear once someone has the whole picture of the process.’

The Conveyancing Companion Series

This Practical Guide is the second in a series of books that Lorraine is writing on a wide range of topics on the conveyancing process. The books are aimed at practitioners working in busy conveyancing departments who need a quick reference guide, but will also support those taking professional examinations such as the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, Cilex and Council for Licensed Conveyancers.


Lorraine Richardson is an experienced property solicitor and trainer who is a popular conference and CPD speaker. Lorraine is now freelance but when in practice she ran a branch office and was a partner and the COLP for her firm.

She also designs and delivers property and legal skills related courses and on-line materials including Conveyancing Quality Scheme training for the Law Society.

Lorraine has developed a skill for writing and delivering webinars and aims to produce work that is both interesting and accessible for the viewer. Lorraine is the major writer for the monthly update journal for practitioners, the ‘Practical Lawyer’.

Lorraine has set up her own company, Adapt Law Limited, and offers property related courses and webinars and a membership scheme for firms to access her webinars and personalised conveyancing training.

For more information go to www.adaptlaw.co.uk.


‘The quality of the information is exceedingly good … there did not appear to be any gaps in the explanation of the fundamentals of a freehold transaction … The section explaining how to read registers of title is a great table … this portion of the book alone might be worth the ticket price’
Review by Anna Newport in the Law Society Gazette, 7th Oct 2022 (page 27)


Chapter One – Conveyancing, Land Law and Transaction Overview
Chapter Two – Regulation, Professional Conduct and Client Care
Chapter Three – Due Diligence and Money
Chapter Four – Title to Land
Chapter Five – Taking Instructions and Indemnity Insurance
Chapter Six – Progressing a Sale Transaction
Chapter Seven – Progressing a Purchase Transaction
Chapter Eight – Exchange to Post Completion
Chapter Nine – Future Developments
Chapter Ten – Risks Summary