‘A Practical Guide to Relief from Sanctions Post-Mitchell and Denton’ by Peter Causton


Paperback: 978-1-911035-44-2
Published: November 2018
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This invaluable guide aims to help lawyers dealing with Court imposed sanctions, which can be a litigator’s worst nightmare. It sums up the most recent cases following Denton and provides advice on how to apply for relief from sanction, to maximise your chances of success. It also advises on how to defend such applications if you are on the receiving end. Every litigator should have this book to turn to when faced with this unfortunate situation or being on the receiving end of such an application.


Peter Causton is a practising solicitor and barrister at Whitestone Chambers, a Civil and Commercial mediator and Deputy District Judge. He has set up ProMediate (UK) Limited which is a registered Civil Mediation Council Mediation Provider.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – Background History: From Woolf to Jackson to Dyson
Chapter Three – Relief from Costs Budgeting Sanctions
Chapter Four – Litigants in Person
Chapter Five – Setting Aside Judgment
Chapter Six – Service of Claim Form
Chapter Seven – Automatic Striking Out for Failure to Pay Trial Fees
Chapter Eight – Other Breaches of the Rules and Orders
Chapter Nine – Lessons From Case Law
Chapter Ten – Applications and How to Win Them