‘A Practical Guide to Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace’ by Geraint Probert

Paperback: 978-1-913715-80-9
Publication due: September 2021
Price: TBA


In the ever-evolving landscape of discrimination law, the duty to make reasonable adjustments is, arguably, the most dynamic. As society broadens its appreciation of what it means to have a disability, employers need to be aware and adapt to changing potential obligations in the workplace. Legal practitioners have become very used to advising on reasonable adjustment questions, but the challenge is to stay ahead of the curve.

Written from the perspective of employment tribunal litigation (i.e. when things go wrong), this book aims to provide practitioners with a firm footing in a moving picture. It focuses on the foundations of reasonable adjustments disputes, looking at how the law applies to common factual scenarios, and considers the key points for practitioners in developing the knowledge and skills needed to handle all manner of potential claims. With practical tips and procedural strategies, this book will be a useful asset to help you stay on top of this active area of employment law.


Geraint is a barrister specialising in employment and discrimination law. He expertise covers the broad spectrum of employment claims and appeals including discrimination, dismissal, whistleblowing and commercial disputes. His nation-wide practice is based from the well-renowned Guildhall Chambers, Bristol. Geraint is a member of the ELA, ELBA, Discrimination Law Association and Industrial Law Society. He provides professional training, writes articles and is involved in pro-bono schemes including ELIPs. Geraint’s profile can be viewed at: https://www.guildhallchambers.co.uk/barristers/315/Geraint-Probert/