‘A Practical Guide to Psychiatric Claims in Personal Injury – 2nd Edition’ by Liam Ryan


Paperback: 978-1-913715-63-2
Published: January 2021
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The law relating to claims for psychiatric injury is complex, varied, and hard to grapple with and can often appear labyrinthian. This is a practical guide for dealing with personal injury claims involving psychiatric injuries and is aimed to assist both the newcomer and the experienced practitioner alike.

As our understanding and acceptance of the nature of psychiatric injury has grown over the last two decades, so has the regularity of such claims appearing in practice as well as the varied ways in which they arise, be it a straightforward psychiatric reaction to injury or a complex stress at work claim.

This work breaks the topic down into practical and easily assimilable components to assist practitioners and supplement their knowledge through a combination of detailed discussion of the law, coupled with practical suggestions for practise.

This Second Edition is updated and expanded particularly in the areas stress at work and the latest developments in secondary victim claims.


Liam Ryan Studied Law at St Aidan’s College, Durham University and completed a LLM at Nottingham University specialising in Commercial law, Criminal law and Human Rights.

Liam has a civil practice specialising in medium to high value personal injury actions and commercial litigation. He has a noted specialism in stress at work and psychiatric injury claims. Liam accepts instructions privately, on a Conditional Fee basis and through Direct Access. Liam is a member of PIBA.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – Diagnosis
Chapter Three – Primary Victims: Cases Involving Physical Injury
Chapter Four – Primary Victims, Rescuers and Involuntary Participants
Chapter Five – Primary Victims: Cases Where There Is No Physical Injury: Nervous Shock
Chapter Six – Secondary Victims
Chapter Seven – Secondary Victims and Emerging Areas
Chapter Eight – Stress at Work Claims: Overview
Chapter Nine – The Hatton Guidelines
Chapter Ten – Stress at Work Claims and Foreseeable Harm
Chapter Eleven – Stress at Work and The Breach of Duty of Care
Chapter Twelve – Stress at Work Claims and Bullying
Chapter Thirteen – Breach of Contract in Stress at Work Claims
Chapter Fourteen – The Equality Act 2010 in Stress Claims
Chapter Fifteen – Causation and Apportionment and in Stress Claims
Chapter Sixteen – Other Tortious Acts
Chapter Seventeen – Quantum and Evidence
Chapter Eighteen – General Damages
Chapter Nineteen – Special Damages