‘Practical Horse Law: A Guide for Owners and Riders’ by Brenda Gilligan


Paperback: 978-1-911035-36-7
Published: October 2017
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This book provides an accessible and readable guide to the law for horse owners and riders in situations where they might want to consider their legal position and the need for legal assistance. It offers practical and commonsense advice on reducing the risk of becoming involved in litigation in the first place.

Topics covered include choosing a riding school; riding safely in a school or out on roads and tracks; buying, selling and loaning horses; accidents and how to avoid them; when to make a claim and what to claim for; keeping horses at home or at livery; veterinary negligence; animal welfare and more.


Brenda Gilligan is a horse-owner and rider, and a specialist clinical negligence solicitor with a niche practice in cases involving horses.


Chapter 1 – Riding Establishments
Chapter 2 – Choosing a Riding School – and Pupils
Chapter 3 – Deciding to Become a Horse Owner
Chapter 4 – Vetting Procedures
Chapter 5 – Remedies
Chapter 6 – Loaning Horses
Chapter 7 – Keeping a Horse at Home or at Livery
Chapter 8 – Tack Buying and Fitting
Chapter 9 – Out and About
Chapter 10 – Off the Road
Chapter 11 – Transport
Chapter 12 – Safety at Shows and Competitions
Chapter 13 – Accidents – When Can I Claim?
Chapter 14 – Damages – What Can I Claim For?
Chapter 15 – Paying the Cost of Legal Action
Chapter 16 – Horse Health
Chapter 17 – Horse Welfare
Chapter 18 – Final Parting