‘A Practical Guide to Clinical Negligence – Third Edition’ by Geoffrey Simpson-Scott


Paperback: 978-1-914608-51-3
Published: July 2023
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The right to compensation for injuries caused by another’s fault has been protected for over 3,700 years since The Code of Hammurabi. The expanded 3rd Edition of ‘A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence’ provides clear guidance for practitioners from funding through to trial and settlement using over 400 cases supported by legislative and other reference materials. New topics include Keefe Benevolence, Notices to Admit Facts, judgement embargoes and service by NFTs as well as updated material on the topics covered in the previous editions.

Geoff Simpson-Scott uses his 20 years’ experience as a specialist clinical negligence solicitor to help practitioners strike a fair balance between protecting the interests of justice; patient safety; and full compensation at proportionate cost. This 3rd Edition contains a Foreword by Joel Donovan, KC (Cloisters) and an Afterword by Paul Whiteing (AvMA). Geoff is a Partner at Hodge Jones & Allen and will donate his royalties from this edition to the Millie Mittoo Children’s Project (www.milliemittoo.com/).


‘A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence Post-Jackson’ “is richly informed by Geoff’s professional insights and his enthusiasm for good practice”
– Joel Donovan, QC.


Chapter 1: Costs & Funding
Chapter 2: Core Legal Principles
Chapter 3: Pre-Action Preparation
Chapter 4: Issue & Service of Proceedings
Chapter 5: Case Management
Chapter 6: Factual Evidence
Chapter 7: Expert Evidence
Chapter 8: Trial & Settlement