‘A Practical Guide to Clinical Negligence – 2nd Edition’ by Geoffrey Simpson-Scott


Paperback: 978-1-913715-01-4
Published: July 2020
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Modern clinical negligence litigation remains complex. It requires the detailed and accurate assessment of the case; an understanding of many different areas of medicine and clinical practice; and the ability to marshal seemingly ambiguous evidence in a way which best meets your client’s needs.

The second edition of this book provides practical guidance to practitioners across 8 chapters covering proportionate case preparation, evidential analysis, negotiation style all illustrated with reported case law. The case list and index provide quicker access to the relevant points you will encounter.


Geoffrey Simpson-Scott is a Solicitor and National Head of Clinical Negligence at Simpson Millar LLP. He has worked at the Royal Courts of Justice and practised clinical negligence for 17 years at well-established firms.


‘A Practical Approach to Clinical Negligence Post-Jackson’ “is richly informed by Geoff’s professional insights and his enthusiasm for good practice”
– Joel Donovan, QC.


Chapter 1: Costs & Funding
Chapter 2: Core Legal Principles
Chapter 3: Pre-Action Preparation
Chapter 4: Issue & Service of Proceedings
Chapter 5: Case Management
Chapter 6: Factual Evidence
Chapter 7: Expert Evidence
Chapter 8: Trial & Settlement