‘A Practical Guide to Planning Law and Rights of Way in National Parks, the Broads and AONBs’ by James Maurici QC & James Neill & Landmark Chambers

Paperback: 978-1-913715-22-9
Publication due: October 2020
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A Practical Guide to Planning Law and Rights of Way in National Parks, the Broads and AONBs’ by James Maurici QC & James Neill & a team of specialist authors from Landmark Chambers.

We are extremely fortunate in this country to enjoy some truly magnificent landscapes, ranging from towering peaks to lowland fens. We are, rightly, proud of these landscapes, such that their protection, and our rights to roam in them, are of the utmost import.

The system that has developed for their protection depends on the designation of those landscapes as a National Parks, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (“AONB”), or as part of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads.  At present, approximately 24.5% of England is currently covered by National Parks, the Broads, or AONBs. This book looks at the law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This book outlines the legislative history of National Parks, AONBs and the Broads, looking at their statutory underpinning, government guidance, and potential for re-form.  It examines, in detail, their role in the planning system (chapters 2-3), looking at the application of national policy and guidance (chapter 4), wildlife and biodiversity issues (chapter 5), and water issues (chapter 6). The book also looks at the various rights of way and access rights granted to member of the public (chapters 7 and 8).


James Maurici QC is a barrister at Landmark Chambers. He has particular expertise in advising and acting in respect of development affecting National Parks and AONBs and in relation to habitats and air quality issues. He is the author of the so-called Maurici opinions on the meaning of “major development” in National Parks. He promoted the South Downs National Park Local Plan with James Neill.

James Neill a colleague of James Maurici and a barrister at Landmark Chambers.  A planning barrister of over 14 years experience, with particular expertise in the regulatory framework affecting development in National Parks, SSSIs and AONBs.

Stephen Whale, Stephen Morgan, Matthew Harris, Nick Grant, Kate Olley, Jacqueline Lean are all barristers at Landmark Chambers.


1. An Introduction to National Parks, the Broads and AONBs

2.  The Role  of National Park Authorities and the Broads Authority in the Planning System

3  AONBs and the Planning System

4. The Application of National Policy and Guidance in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

5. Wildlife and Biodiversity Issues in National Parks and the Broads

6. Water

7. Rights of Way

8. Other Access Rights