‘A Practical Guide to Personal Injury Fixed Costs in Portal and Ex-Portal Cases’ by Alexander Mellis


Paperback: 978-1-913715-99-1
Published: September 2021
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Fixed costs in personal injury do not always provide the clarity that may be hoped for. Even if your case is a straightforward one, this book will ensure you correctly calculate the fixed costs payable in claims that start life under the various protocols and portals for road traffic accidents, employers and public liability claims and travel sickness claims, whether they remain in the portal or exit it.

This book brings together in one place important rules scattered across the Civil Procedure Rules from the Protocols, Part 36, Part 44 and Part 45 Sections III and IIIA as well as supporting case law.

The book will help you know if a point has been determined or only been dealt with in the County Court. As well as helping with which points remain arguable, the book will also help identify the arguments that may be deployed for each side, pending any binding authority.


Alexander Mellis is a barrister at No5 Chambers, specialising in personal injury work. He acts for both claimants and defendants at multi-track and fast-track level. Alexander is regularly in trial as well as undertaking the usual array of interim and case & costs management hearings, with resulting experience of the costs issues that can arise from cases that start as fixed costs cases.


PART ONE – Part 45 Section IIIA
Chapter One – Geographical and VAT Considerations
Chapter Two – The Fixed Amounts
Chapter Three – Disbursements
Chapter Four – Miscellaneous Issues
Chapter Five – Exceptions and Escapes From Fixed Costs
PART TWO – Portal Costs
Chapter Six – Part 45 Section III