‘A Practical Guide to the Law in relation to Menopause and Perimenopause in the Workplace’ by Thomas Wood


Paperback: 978-1-914608-19-3
Published: May 2022
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This book looks at the relationship between menopause/perimenopause and current employment law. In particular, it will consider the coverage of the Equality Act 2010, and whether those experiencing menopause/perimenopause enjoy its protection. Specifically, the law around direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment, and disability discrimination (discrimination arising from disability and failure to make reasonable adjustments) are all considered in detail.

The application of the law of unfair dismissal to capability and conduct and in particular to issues that may arise from menopause/perimenopause is also reviewed.

The text pulls together the key principles and case law to provide practitioners a straightforward but in-depth reference for creating legal arguments as more employment tribunal cases involving menopause/perimenopause emerge. The content is also an especially useful guide to the law of discrimination and unfair dismissal generally, and is suitable for all employment practitioners.


Thomas Wood is a barrister in St. John’s Buildings, Manchester, who specialises in employment law. He is known for his technical expertise and ability to tackle the most complex cases, working across a variety of sectors. He appears regularly before the employment tribunal in cases of wide variety.

Thomas has particular experience in discrimination claims where, throughout his career, he has been instructed to act and advise both for and against some of the largest organisations in the country, often in complicated or high-value claims.


Chapter One – What Is Menopause/Perimenopause and How Does It Interact With Employment Law?
Chapter Two – Menopause as a Protected Characteristic
Chapter Three – Discrimination in Employment
Chapter Four – Discrimination in Relation to All Protected Characteristics
Chapter Five – Discrimination Specifically in Relation to Disabled Persons
Chapter Six – Conclusions on Discrimination
Chapter Seven – Unfair Dismissal
Chapter Eight – Conclusions: Menopause and Employment Law