‘A Practical Guide to Local Authority Leisure Contracts in England and Wales in the Time of Covid-19, Brexit and Beyond’ by Léonie Cowen


Paperback: 978-1-913715-53-3
Published: February 2021
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This practical guide provides busy legal practitioners with the key information they need to achieve successful value for money leisure and culture procurements. It is intended for lawyers, commissioners and procurement officers and will also be of value to leisure professionals, accountants and anyone who has responsibility for these services in local government and more widely. The guide is intended to fill a gap in the market left by current guidance.

The book sets out a résumé of the current legal, procurement and commercial issues which local authorities and their providers should consider when procuring for the first time or re-procuring. It also includes the legal and related considerations which are relevant when managing existing relationships.

Alternative models of service delivery for leisure and culture services are also considered in recognition of the number of existing historic projects together with multi-service externalisation projects as so many local authorities externalise a service which includes arts and outdoor leisure as well as their indoor leisure centres.

English and Welsh law are in scope. The book is up to date, includes reference to the government PPN guidance on COVID-19 and changes to post BREXIT procurement, together with the short, medium and longer term impact of COVID-19 on existing and new projects.


Principal of Léonie Cowen & Associates, Léonie is a recognised expert with an extensive track record. She has a ‘can do’ approach based on a deep understanding of how to achieve successful outcomes despite legislative constraints. She is renowned for her skill in advising on delivery of successful commissioning and procurement (particularly for children’s and adults services, leisure and cultural services), achieving sustainable social enterprise and commercial models (including LATCOs/Teckal companies). Recently, she has advised extensively on the meaning and impact of the Public Contract Regulations 2016 and Concession Contracts Regulations 2016 and how to deliver effective procured outcomes especially for “light touch” services. She is currently advising on the impact of COVID-19 on local authority leisure contracts.

“Léonie has worked in the leisure industry for years advising on procurement and operational delivery models. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of these areas and case law is invaluable to any client. She has an ability to get to grips with complex situations and propose realistic solutions to address the issues, which enable clints and partners to move forward.”
– Rachel Fowler Managing Director of Strategic Leisure.


Chapter 1 – History of Local Authority Leisure Contracts and Current Provision
Chapter 2 – The Law – Legal Background
Chapter 3 – Which Tiers of Local Government are Responsible for Delivering and/or Procuring Leisure and Culture?
Chapter 4 – Sound Decision Making Processes and the Circumstances Where Consultation is Recommended
Chapter 5 – Service Delivery, the Current and Historic Externalisation Options
Chapter 6 – Public Procurement Regime and Procurement Process
Chapter 7 – COVID-19: The PPN response and Post-COVID Contracting
Chapter 8 – Terms and Conditions for the Contract (Including the Specification)
Chapter 9 – Property
Chapter 10 – HR and Pensions Issues
Chapter 11 – Taxation Implications
Chapter 12 – State Aid
Chapter 13 – Provider Failure
Chapter 14 – Overall Conclusion