‘A Practical Guide to Working with Litigants in Person and McKenzie Friends in Family Cases’ by Stuart Barlow

Paperback: 978-1-912687-67-1
Published: March 2020
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The increase in the number of parties who act as LIP in family proceedings can be a challenging experience for advocates and the courts. Whilst assistance is often on hand for the LIP there is less practical help for the practitioner. This book seeks to address this shortfall and gives practical advice in a number of areas of family litigation. It also considers the role of the McKenzie Friend and how they can assist the LIP during a court hearing. Subjects covered include:

  • Reasons for LIP in family proceedings;
  • The courts approach to the LIP;
  • How the LIP impacts on divorce, children, injunctions and financial proceedings;
  • Conducting a hearing with a LIP;
  • Responsibilities to the LIP;
  • Rules of Engagement;
  • Managing clients expectations;
  • McKenzie Friends;
  • Costs issues;
  • Case Law : Tinkle v Elliott (2012); Jones Longley & Others (2015); Hobson v West London Law (2013); Re B Litigants in Person;Timely Service of Documents (2017);Barton v Wright Hassle (2018); LFA v LSL (2017)


Stuart Barlow is in the family team at Bhatia Best Solicitors. He has specialised in Family Law for over 40 years. His focus is now on representing Parents and other parties in Children Cases. He is a member of the Law Society Children Panel and Accredited Specialist with Resolution in Private Children and Cohabitation Law. He is the former Chief Assessor of the Law Society Family Law Panel and adjudicator for the Legal Aid Agency.

Stuart is a regular presenter of courses for family lawyers throughout England and Wales. He is also the author of ‘A Practical Guide to The Rights of Grandparents in Children Proceedings’.


“A very good read which I fully recommend.”
– Philip Kedge, video review at www.mckenziefrienduk.net


Chapter 1 – Litigant in Person (LiP)
Chapter 2 – Why Is This Seen as a Difficult Subject?
Chapter 3 – Why Do We Have Litigants in Person?
Chapter 4 – First Point of Contact With a Litigant in Person
Chapter 5 – Implications of Working With a Litigant in Person
Chapter 6 – Who Are Litigants in Person?
Chapter 7 – Understanding the Difficulties
Chapter 8 – Costs and Litigants in Person
Chapter 9 – Rules of Engagement
Chapter 10 – Mckenzie Friends
Chapter 11 – Particular Help for a Litigant in Person
Chapter 12 – Case Law
Chapter 13 – Whilst at Court
Chapter 14 – Working With a Litigant in Person in Specific Areas of Family Law
Chapter 15 – Dealing With Lay Advisers
Chapter 16 – Where Do We Go From Here?
Chapter 17 – Useful Information
Appendix – Practice Guidance: McKenzie Friends (Civil and Family Courts)