‘A Practical Guide to Inheritance Act Claims by Adult Children Post-Ilott v Blue Cross’ by Sheila Hamilton Macdonald


Paperback: 978-1-911035-23-7
Published: December 2017
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A practical guide on how to put together a claim in a 1975 Act application by an adult child. While it concentrates on claimants, it should also be of assistance to those defending a claim, whether they are executors/administrators or beneficiaries. It is intended to be helpful to legal practitioners without specific experience in this area of the law, but should also be helpful to potential claimants or defendants who are considering acting in person.


Sheila Hamilton Macdonald is a sole practitioner barrister based in the Midlands. She specialises in family property cases, including disputes between cohabitees, ancillary relief on divorce, inheritance issues and contested probate. She also has a particular interest in mental health issues and their connection to property matters. As well as taking instructions via solicitors, she is also able to take instructions by direct or licensed access, and she is available for consultation by appointment in London and Leeds. Her website is www.sheilamacdonaldbarrister.com.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – History and Overview
Chapter Three – Before You Start
Chapter Four – The Machinery of the Act
Chapter Five – Taking Instructions: The Form E Exercise
Chapter Six – Specially Significant Section 3 Factors in Adult Child Claims
Chapter Seven – Completing the Balancing Exercise for Stage 1
Chapter Eight – The Court’s Powers, and Completing Stage 2
Chapter Nine – Other Legal Claims on the Estate by Adult Children
Chapter Ten – Practice and Procedure
Coda – A Final Word on Client Care
Appendix I – Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
Appendix II – Inheritance Act Instruction for Use With Form E: Section 1
Appendix III – Further Reading