‘A Practical Guide to Highway Issues in Property Transactions’ by Alastair Frew


Paperback: 978-1-913715-15-1
Published: November 2020
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The law of highways touches our everyday lives from the moment we step out of our homes in the morning until we are safely back at home again. During lockdown, many of us had the chance to explore our neighbourhoods further. All those roads, lanes and paths. All those highways.

This book explains in straightforward language what highways actually are, how they come about and whose job it is to look after them. It should prove to be a valuable guide to every practitioner who has to give advice to property investors and developers, whether the land in question is an established site or a brand new green field plot.


Alastair Frew is a partner in Lodders’ Real Estate group. He heads up the Business Property Team and specialises in advising commercial property developers and investors.


1. What Is a Highway?
2. Who Can Use a Highway
3. Who Decides Who Can Use the Highway?
4. How Do You Create a Highway?
5. Who Maintains the Highway?
6. What Is “Adoption” And How Do You Do It?
7. How Wide Is a Highway?
8. Does a Highway Last Forever?
9. Can You Obstruct a Highway?
10. A Word About The Highways Search