‘A Practical Guide to Habitats Law in Planning and Permitting in England’ by Brendon Moorhouse


Paperback: 978-1-914608-86-5
Published: November 2023
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This book provides a practical guide to habitats law in relation to planning and permitting in England. It contains a long-overdue introduction to, and overview of, the complicated and rapidly evolving system of wildlife and habitat protection both on land and in the marine environment. As well as providing an introduction to key legal principles, it explains the processes followed and factors taken into account in reaching decisions involving our natural world.

The impact of habitat and wildlife laws is increasingly affecting all aspects of life. From a planning perspective, whether to do with house building or the construction of road and rail projects, to the day-to-day functioning of permitted activities such as sewage treatment works and dredging activities in ports, habitats laws plays a significant role.


Brendon Moorhouse is an environmental and planning barrister practising at Six Pump Court, a Chambers recognised as one of the Countries’ leading sets for environmental and planning law. He is regularly instructed in habitat and wildlife related matters and is frequently instructed in high profile permitting and planning related cases. He is a contributing author to Garner’s Environmental Law.

A visiting research fellow and external member of the University of West of England’s environmental law faculty, he is also a trustee and member of the global advisory panel of the Conservation Collective charity.


Chapter One – An Overview of Habitats Protection
Chapter Two – Planning – Environmental Impact Assessment
Chapter Three – Marine Works – Environmental Impact Assessment
Chapter Four – General Biodiversity Duty
Chapter Five – The Habitats Directive and Regulations
– Part 1: Habitats Regulations – The designation and management of the National Site Network
– Part 2: Plans or Projects affecting the National Site Network
Chapter Six – Habitat and Biodiversity Trends