‘A Practical Guide to GDPR for Schools’ by Forbes Solicitors


Paperback: 978-1-912687-75-6
Published: December 2019
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Data protection compliance needn’t and shouldn’t get in the way of education, safeguarding or effective school management.

A sensible compliance plan, supporting documents and clear procedures on what to do if there’s a data breach or a subject rights request can head off a lot of the problems that often arise in dealing with information about pupils, parents, staff and governors and manage the risk of fines or claims.

Written by the specialist Information Law team at well-known Education Law advisors Forbes Solicitors, this book sets out practical guidance and suggestions based on experience of advising schools and colleges on their policies and practices before during and after the change to GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.


The Information Law team at Forbes Solicitors regularly advises schools, colleges, charities and a wide range of public and private sector organisations about data protection law and practice. The team is involved in delivering briefings to education sector events and providing training to school leaders and to staff through shared sessions or in-house.

Their experience of advising schools and supporting Data Protection Officers in their daily responsibilities provides the basis for this book.

For more on Forbes Solicitors’ Information Law work see their website at https://www.forbessolicitors.co.uk/business/business-law/gdpr.htm


Chapter One – Overview
Chapter Two – Schools’ Obligations under the GDPR
Chapter Three – Individuals’ Rights under the GDPR
Chapter Four – Information Sharing
Chapter Five – Data Processors
Chapter Six – Emails, Websites and Social Media
Chapter Seven – Breaches – Prevention and Mitigation
Chapter Eight – Practical Examples & Suggestions
Appendix A – Supplier Data Protection Compliance Questionnaire
Appendix B – Personal Data Breach Checklist