‘A Practical Guide to GDPR for Property Professionals – 2nd Edition’ by David Smith


Paperback: 978-1-914608-33-9
Published: January 2022
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The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have seen a big shake up in the management and handling of personal data across Europe. They have also been a beacon for other jurisdictions which are rolling out their own similar personal data protection rules.

For businesses however, GDPR has been complex and often confusing. There have been conflicting views and guidance has often been delayed and confusing. For the property sector, GDPR has been particularly difficult, due to the movement of data between property owners, agents, legal professionals and tenants or purchasers for a range of different purposes. This confusion has only been enhanced by Brexit and the increasing divergence between the UK and the EU over data protection.

This book aims to cut through the confusion by clearly explaining what the GDPR is, how it works, and how it applies to property transactions of all types coupled with a range of clear, accessible examples to illustrate the GDPR operating in practice. This second edition has been comprehensively updated to take into account the changes created by Brexit, the increasing volume of relevant case law, and the substantially updated guidance. It also expands on key areas and questions that arose from the first edition.


David Smith is a solicitor specialising in residential property, agency, and regulatory law. He is a partner at JMW Solicitors LLP in London. He is well known for his work in the residential property and agency field, especially in property licensing and consumer law and has advised local and national governments, large and small landlords and tenants and letting and estate agents across the sector. He has followed the GDPR since it was first announced and has provided training and advice on it to a wide range of property businesses.


Chapter One – Introduction and Overview
Chapter Two – Personal Data and Principles
Chapter Three – Processing
Chapter Four – Data Processors and Controllers
Chapter Five – Data Subject Rights
Chapter Six – Regulation
Chapter Seven – Conclusion