‘A Practical Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – 2nd Edition’ by Keith Markham


Paperback: 978-1-912687-76-3
Published: March 2020
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The GDPR still remains firmly in the public eye with many recent developments in terms of compensation claims, enforcement action and Brexit considerations.

The 2nd edition of this popular book provides both succinct analysis of all the key issues and a series of practical examples to help lawyers and non-lawyers alike comply with their obligations in a common sense and risk-focussed manner.

This fully updated and expanded guide is written in an accessible style, with a number of new chapters (see full contents below), and also includes a series of very useful practical examples and templates to help your organisation achieve compliance.


Keith Markham qualified as a Solicitor in 2001 and now works as a freelance consultant.

After beginning his career in private practice, in 2004 he moved in-house at the BGL Group, a major insurance intermediary that includes comparethemarket.com among its brands. During his time there Keith advised extensively on all areas of data protection. He also conducted contract negotiations of a complex nature, often with major blue chip companies.

In 2007, Keith joined BPP Professional Education, one of Europe’s leading providers of professional development training. He worked there as both an in-house lawyer dealing with data protection and commercial contracts and also as a presenter of training courses before going freelance in 2009.

Drawing on his considerable experience Keith has designed and delivered a wide variety of training for BPP, MBL and other providers as well as for his own clients in the commercial law field. In particular, he teaches topics relating to data protection and commercial contracts to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. He also provides consultancy services to an increasing number of clients in those fields.


Part A Overview of the GDPR

1. Introduction to the GDPR
2. Principles and Accountability
3. Data Protection Impact Assessments
4. Controllers and Processors
5. Processing Conditions
6. Exemptions
7. Rights of Data Subjects
8. Right of Access
9. Marketing
10. Security
11. International Transfers
12. Data Protection Officers
13. Enforcement
14. Compensation
15. Brexit

Part B Practical Examples

1. Data Protection Impact Assessment
2. Legitimate Interests Assessment
3. Privacy Statement
4. Security Breach Reporting

Part C Appendices

1. General Data Protection Regulation Overview
2. Data Protection Act 2018 Overview
3. Definitions
4. Template Data Protection Impact Assessment Form
5. Resources