‘A Practical Guide to Financial Services Claims’ by Chris Hegarty

Paperback: 978-1-911035-55-8
Published: July 2018
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Financial services claims arise out of a variety of financial products and services which have been provided in unsuitable or inappropriate ways and ultimately caused significant loss to the customer. The development of more innovative financial products and the gradual opening of access to these to increasingly smaller businesses and, eventually, individuals has led to the recent expansion in litigation.

The purpose of this brief practical guide is to discuss the specific intersection of the laws of tort and contract with financial services and where this gives rise to claims against financial institutions and professionals. The text assumes no more than a practical knowledge of tort and contract law and no pre-existing knowledge of financial services law and regulation.


Chris is a barrister practising in London specialising in professional negligence litigation with a particular focus on financial services claims for individuals.


Chapter One – Introduction: A Brief History of Financial Services
Chapter Two – Legal Basis for Financial Services Claims
Chapter Three – The Handbook
Chapter Four – Regulated Investments
Chapter Five – Issues Particular to Portfolios
Chapter Six – Issues Particular to Pensions
Chapter Seven – Practical Issues in Litigation
Chapter Eight – The Financial Ombudsman Service
Chapter Nine – The Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Chapter Ten – Funding Arrangements
Chapter Eleven – Conclusion