‘A Practical Guide to Equity Release for Advisors’ by Paul Sams


Paperback: 978-1-911035-99-2
Published: October 2018
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As time goes by and the standard of living increases then the UK population is living longer.  To fund this great increase in life expectancy and more importantly the lifestyles that people become accustomed too then funding is needed.  Equity release mortgages are therefore on the rise to allow the over 55s to prosper in their later years.

This book examines the background to these mortgages, a sensible approach to dealing with the same in practice as well as considering areas such as capacity, joint ownership and undue influence that should be acknowledged when acting in such matters. This book will provide a practical guide to practitioners on how to approach such matters based on the writer’s practical experience of dealing with the same and his experience from running seminars on the topic for other lawyers across England and Wales.


Paul Sams is a practicing property Solicitor actively involved in residential, residential and commercial development with niche specialisms in leasehold enfranchisement matters plus equity release.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – What Is Equity Release?
Chapter Three – Advising Your ERM Clients
Chapter Four – Mental Capacity
Chapter Five – Undue Influence
Chapter Six – What if Someone Does Not Make Provision in Their Estate?
Chapter Seven – Joint Ownership
Chapter Eight – Conclusion
Appendix – Equity Release Council Resources