‘A Practical Guide to Election Law’ by Tom Tabori

Paperback: 978-1-912687-72-5
Publication due: August 2020
Price: £49.99


A practical guide for party officers, candidates, electoral agents, returning officers, and campaigners, covering:

  1. The PPERA 2000 scheme for regulating donations and campaign expenditure.
  2. Candidate electoral offences and petitions.
  3. Election administration.
  4. The right to hold free elections under Article 3 Protocol 1 ECHR.
  5. Reform.


Tom Tabori is a specialist public law barrister at 39 Essex Chambers, with expertise in human rights law, education law, electoral law, immigration law, equalities law, information rights, and regulatory law. He is a judicial review and statutory appeal specialist, but also acts and advises in damages claims against public bodies.