‘A Practical Guide to Document Signing and Electronic Signatures for Conveyancers’ by Lorraine Richardson


Paperback: 978-1-913715-52-6
Published: April 2021
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A Practical Guide to Document Signing and Electronic Signatures for Conveyancers’ has been written by Lorraine Richardson, an experienced property solicitor and legal trainer. This is a book by a conveyancer for conveyancers and outlines where we are in terms of the law on signing contracts and deeds and considers HMLR’s acceptance of witnessed electronic signatures on deeds submitted for registration which was slipped out in a blog post in July 2020. The book focusses on the issues that conveyancing firms will need to consider if they are going to adopt witnessed electronic signatures.

‘I have tried to do some of the thinking about risk and ask the questions about witnessed electronic signatures and platform providers so that conveyancers don’t have to’.

The Conveyancing Companion Series

This Practical Guide is the first in a series of books that Lorraine will write on a wide range of topics on the conveyancing process. The books are aimed at practitioners working in busy conveyancing departments who need a quick reference guide, but will also support those taking professional examinations such as the Solicitors Qualifying Examination, Cilex and Council for Licensed Conveyancers.


Lorraine Richardson is an experienced property solicitor and trainer who is a popular conference and CPD speaker. Lorraine is now freelance but when in practice she ran a branch office and was a partner and the COLP for her firm.

She also designs and delivers property and legal skills related courses and online materials including Conveyancing Quality Scheme training for the Law Society.

Lorraine has developed a skill for writing and delivering webinars and aims to produce work that is both interesting and accessible for the viewer. Lorraine is the major writer for the monthly update journal for practitioners, the ‘Practical Lawyer.’

Lorraine has set up her own company, Adapt Law Limited, and offers property related courses and webinars and a membership scheme for firms to access her webinars and personalised conveyancing training.

For more information go to www.adaptlaw.co.uk.


Chapter 1 – What Is a Signature?
Chapter 2 – The Contract and Deeds in Conveyancing
Chapter 3 – HMLR Acceptance of Electronic Signatures on Deeds – Mercury Signatures
Chapter 4 – HMLR Acceptance of Electronic Signatures on Deeds – Witnessed Electronic Signatures
Chapter 5 – Relevant Case Law
Chapter 6 – Risk Management
Chapter 7 – The Future
Appendix – Resources