‘A Practical Guide to Dental Negligence Litigation’ by Louisa Sherlock


Paperback: 978-1-914608-68-1
Published: April 2023
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This Practical Guide to Dental Negligence Litigation provides helpful information for lawyers who are running dental negligence cases, be that for Claimant or Defendant.

The book is aimed at students and practising lawyers and gives a gentle introduction to understanding dental records and also advice and tips for running dental negligence cases as separate from clinical negligence matters.


Louisa Sherlock is dual qualified in dentistry and law. She practised as a dental surgeon for over a decade, both within the NHS and privately. As well as treating patients, she assisted with the running of a busy NHS practice and helped staff to prepare for CQC inspections.

Louisa carried out further training in the field of dentistry, completing a two-year diploma to become a member of the Joint Dental Faculties of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, London. Following a further qualification in aesthetic dentistry, Louisa developed a private practice involving cosmetic dentistry, invisible orthodontics and facial aesthetics. She also did some work for a nationwide facial aesthetics company. In addition, Louisa was a member of her Local Dental Committee for several years.

Throughout her legal training, Louisa received numerous awards, including the Lord Denning scholarship from Lincoln’s Inn.

Louisa was called to the Bar in 2018 and is a member of No5 Chambers based in Birmingham and London. Most of her work is in the field of clinical negligence and personal injury. She regularly provides lectures to dental surgeons and experts on relevant legal matters as part of their Continuing Professional Development, and cross-examines experts as part of their assessments with the Expert Witness Institute.


Chapter One – Introduction to Dentistry
Chapter Two – Breach of Duty
Chapter Three – Causation
Chapter Four – Contributory Negligence
Chapter Five – Consent
Chapter Six – Expert Evidence – Which Expert to Instruct
Chapter Seven – Quantum
Chapter Eight – Non-Delegable Duty of Care and Vicarious Liability in Dental Negligence Cases
Chapter Nine – Procedural Matters in Dental Negligence Cases
Chapter Ten – Conclusion