‘Covid-19, Residential Property, Equity Release and Enfranchisement – The Essential Guide’ by Paul Sams and Louise Uphill


Paperback: 978-1-913715-13-7
Published: July 2020
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This book is part of our new series of essential guides for legal practitioners covering what you need to know about how various aspects of UK law have been affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Some found that the UK property market came to an abrupt halt when Covid 19 struck in March 2020.  This book examines the issues that arose within the residential conveyancing market from the joint authors who were in the “thick” of the consequences that came from the same.  The whole of the residential market will be considered including the effect and changes to Equity Release matters and the way that Leasehold Enfranchisement matters have progressed.

This book provides a practical guide to practitioners on how to approach such matters based on the writers practical experience of dealing with these niche areas of law and their experience from running seminars on the topic for other lawyers across England and Wales.


Paul Sams is a practicing property Solicitor actively involved in residential, residential and commercial development with niche specialisms in leasehold enfranchisement matters plus equity release.

Louise Uphill is a practising leasehold enfranchisement specialist Solicitor handling all aspects of lease extensions, collective enfranchisement and niche leasehold issues.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – Residential Conveyancing Issues
Chapter Three – Covid-19 Clauses and the Contractural Position
Chapter Four – Equity Release – The Changes for the Better?
Chapter Five – Enfranchisement
Chapter Six – Conclusion