‘Covid-19, Homeworking and the Law – The Essential Guide to Employment and GDPR Issues’ by Forbes Solicitors


Paperback: 978-1-913715-08-3
Published: August 2020
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This book is part of our new series of essential guides for legal practitioners covering what you need to know about how various aspects of UK law have been affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.


Whether required by law or instigated by choice, home working can be a safer way of organising individual’s relationships with employers and can be as effective as traditional office-based working for many organisations and more so for some.

A practical approach based on understanding the applicable law and risk can head off a lot of the problems that often arise in dealing with moving to and managing home working.

Written by the specialist Employment and Information Law Team at well-known advisors Forbes Solicitors, this book sets out practical guidance and suggestions based on experience before and during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The Employment and Information Law teams at Forbes Solicitors regularly advise a wide range of public and private sector organisations about law and practice affecting lone working. The team is involved in delivering briefings and providing training to managers and staff through shared sessions or in-house.

Their experience of advising and supporting of organisations, managing increased home and agile working in response to COVID-19 provides the basis for this book.

For more on Forbes Solicitors’ information law work see their website at http://www.forbessolicitors.co.uk/business/business-law/gdpr.htm

For more on Forbes Solicitors’ Employment work see their website at https://www.forbessolicitors.co.uk/business/employment.htm


Chapter 1 – Introduction, Scope and Definitions
Chapter 2 – Why Consider Homeworking?
Chapter 3 – Dealing With a Request to Work From Home – Formal Flexible Working Requests
Chapter 4 – Dealing With a Request to Work From Home – Considering Requests Outside of the Statutory Regime
Chapter 5 – Supervision and Management of Homeworkers
Chapter 6 – Interaction of Homeworking With Other Elements of Employment Law
Chapter 7 – Homeworking Contractual Provisions and What to Include in Your Homeworking Policy
Chapter 8 – Dealing With Competing Requests and Bringing Homeworking to an End
Chapter 9 – Homeworking and Data Protection
Chapter 10 – Data Security in the Home Environment
Chapter 11 – Access and Identity
Chapter 12 – Use of Personal Devices for Work Purposes
Chapter 13 – Video Conferencing;
Chapter 14 – Monitoring Home and Agile Working
Chapter 15 – Homeworking and Subject Access Requests
Chapter 16 – Home Working, GDPR and Vicarious Liability
Chapter 17 – The Importance of DPIAs
Appendix A – Data Security in the Home Environment Checklist
Appendix B – Homeworking DPIA Template