‘A Practical Guide to Costs in Personal Injury Cases’ by Matthew Hoe


Paperback: 978-0-9575530-9-5

Published: April 2016

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So much has changed in the legal costs field, particularly in the field of personal injury cases. The rules on recovery of legal costs have been through extensive reform. There are new fixed costs regimes and changes to procedure. There is so much to absorb.

This book is the essential guide to the issues that frequently recur when dealing with costs in personal injury cases, and it addresses those issues without being weighed down by the more arcane and obscure points of costs law. It is a refreshing and light hands-on guide for personal injury solicitors, insurers, barristers, costs professionals and judges who want to or have to deal with costs issues themselves. The necessary information is laid out clearly and accessibly.

When faced with another costs argument and you need an explanation, an answer, or instructions – this is the book for you.


Matthew Hoe is a solicitor and the director of litigation and dispute resolution at Taylor Rose TTKW. Prior to their merger, he was legal director of well known costs company Jaggards and a partner in Taylor Rose Law. Matthew has specialised in legal costs work for more than a decade, predominantly representing defendants and their insurers in personal injury claims, and also claimants in professional negligence claims. He has a particular interest in fixed costs, and has acted in several of the leading cases including Kilby v Gawith, Dockerill v Tullett, Costin v Merron, Tasleem v Beverley and Bird v Acorn Group. Matthew lives near Peterborough with his girlfriend and dog (no children yet, otherwise there probably would have been no time to write this book).