‘A Practical Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Claims’ by Dr Victoria Handley


Paperback: 978-1-911035-27-5

Published: July 2017

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Cosmetic surgery litigation is not like other civil litigation. Your client is often scared, emotional, embarrassed, and fearful that the cosmetic enhancement that has gone wrong will be permanent or further surgery will be needed to correct it. The Defendant will be well versed, may not be employed by the clinic or may not have insurance.

An understanding of the requirements of consent, product liability, clinical negligence, who to sue, regulation of the defendant, causation, experts and heads of damage, resurrecting a company or suing out of the jurisdiction, all come into play.

This practical guide is an indispensable, complete guide for the busy practitioner. Its unique format, clear layout, and concise style allows the practitioner to find essential information quickly. It is a how-to guide with handy tips, tactics and checklists.


Dr Victoria Handley qualified in 1998 as a solicitor after undertaking a Law Degree, Masters, Diploma and PhD in civil litigation. An experienced litigator who has represented both Claimants and Defendants, she is passionate about access to justice and the need for those harmed by the actions of others to have recourse to the courts. She writes frequently for a variety of publications.

Victoria set up Handley Law to represent the needs of those harmed by others and set up the specialist departments for Solicitors for Women, care home negligence, clinical and cosmetic surgery negligence. She is faculty lecturer on informed consent and clinical negligence for London Medical Education Academy and Boyd Medical. She represented a number of women on the PIP Implant scandal GLO and oversees the specialist cosmetic surgery department focusing on breast augmentation, genital cosmetic beautification, laser eye surgery, botox and facelifts.


Chapter One – What Is Cosmetic Surgery?
Chapter Two – Insurance
Chapter Three – Credit Cards
Chapter Four – Litigation Considerations
Chapter Five – Product Liability Under the Consumer Protection Act
Chapter Six – Cosmetic Surgery Negligence
Chapter Seven – Material Contribution
Chapter Eight – Causation
Chapter Nine – Defences
Chapter Ten – Injury and Compensation
Chapter Eleven – Medical Devices Regulation
Chapter Twelve – Gross Negligence Manslaughter and Wilful Neglect
Chapter Thirteen – Potential Sources of Future Harm