‘A Practical Guide to Enforcing Data Protection Rights and Compensation for Data Breaches’ by Mariel Irvine


Paperback: 978-1-914608-40-7
Published: June 2023
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Data insecurity can cripple businesses. The Information Commissioner makes large organisations pay fines of millions of pounds for data security breaches. Google and others have had to face the possibility of representative actions claiming compensation for data breaches on behalf of millions of users.

This book is written for both organisations and individuals. It brings together the legislation, policies and procedures needed to navigate enforcement in data protection law when things may have gone wrong.


Mariel Irvine is a solicitor and qualified data protection practitioner. She was a partner in an insurance litigation firm in the City before founding her firm twenty years ago. This is her third legal textbook.

She acts as an external Data Protection Officer for companies and advises businesses in a number of different sectors, particularly when taking over other companies, setting up and merging websites and obtaining consent for marketing from customers. She provides data protection training in both the private and public sector.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – Preliminaries
Chapter Three – Enforcement Against the Information Commissioner
Chapter Four – Information Commissioner’s Regulatory Action Policy
Chapter Five – Commissioner’s Investigative Powers: Information and Assessment Notices: Warrants to Enter Premises
Chapter Six – Commissioner’s Corrective Powers: Enforcement Notices
Chapter Seven – Commissioner’s Corrective Powers: Penalty Notices
Chapter Eight – Procedure for Appeals to the Tribunal
Chapter Nine – Enforcement by Data Subjects in the Courts
Chapter Ten – Conclusion