‘Commercial Mediation – A Practical Guide’ by Nick Carr


Paperback: 978-1-911035-39-8
Published: July 2018
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This brand new title demystifies the mediation process in a thoroughly practical way for those who are new to mediation, including lawyers, advisers, parties and students.

The author, a solicitor and accredited mediator, draws upon his extensive experience of thirty years as a commercial litigator and over twenty years representing clients in mediations, to offer practical advice and set out the relevant law and procedure with working precedents.

The book covers:

• An introduction to mediation
• The anatomy of mediation
• When to mediate
• Mediator selection
• Preparation for mediation
• Practical arrangements
• The mediation day
• Documenting the deal
• And what to do if it all falls apart

With precedent mediation and settlement agreements, the position paper, a full checklist, a summary of the court rules, protocols, court guides and case law.