‘Biometric Data and New Technologies – The Law and Practical Issues on Technologies Such as CCTV, Facial Recognition and Drones’ by Melissa Stock


Paperback: 978-1-913715-93-9
Published: March 2022
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This book is for legal practitioners, privacy professionals, data protection officers, and any organisation that is using or developing modern technologies that process biometric data.

How the law deals with biometrics, CCTV, facial recognition and other technologies is explored and each chapter includes any current and relevant case law. The book also covers best practice for organisations to follow, the recommendations of regulators and future trends.


Melissa Stock is a barrister practising in data, privacy and information law. She advises and represents individuals, companies, and non-governmental organisations in all areas of privacy and data protection. Melissa also advises on data governance issues and the use of data more broadly in a policy and international context. She writes a blog and produces podcasts: www.privacylawbarrister.com.


Chapter One – Introduction
Chapter Two – Privacy and Data Protection
Chapter Three – The General Data Protection Regulations and the Data Protection Act 2018
Chapter Four – Biometric Data
Chapter Five – CCTV
Chapter Six – Drones
Chapter Seven – Facial Recognition
Chapter Eight – Emotion Recognition
Chapter Nine – Artificial Intelligence
Chapter Ten – Conclusion