Once your book has been published the fun of marketing then begins. With that in mind we’ve set out below exactly what we will be doing and then further down have put a few tips as to how you can help in that effort. Remember, as the author you can have an incredibly powerful effect on sales. People are often far more likely both to listen and to respond to requests for help from the author themselves, particularly if they already have a connection with that person. Obviously, we’ll be on the journey with you and the ideas below are merely a starting point for action and discussion rather than proscriptive in any limiting sense. It might be that you’re fizzing with other ideas or have specific suggestions that might help and we always welcome new approaches to the task.

Note – please keep in mind any data protection legislation including the new GDPR rules when doing any marketing.

Things we will be doing

  • Selling the book direct on our website.  We will email you the direct URL for this.
  • Offering a free online sample chapters.
  • Promoting the book on our three websites: www.lawbriefpublishing.com, www.lawbriefupdate.com, www.pibulj.com.
  • A banner ad to appear regularly in our newsletters to roughly 10,000 readers, mostly in the UK legal world.
  • Sending a dedicated mailing to all of our roughly 10,000 newsletter readers mentioning the launch of your book.
  • Posting about the book on our various LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
  • Offering the book directly to our contacts at Wildys and Hammicks legal bookshops.
  • We are also keen to do other specific promotions with your help, for example free articles on www.pibulj.com containing a prominent ad for your book and linked in our newsletters. An article could be based on the book, or a relevant case, or more general issues relevant to potential readers.

How you can help

  • Spread the word using the following resources:
    • A secret 10% discount code we will send you for direct orders from our website (note: doesn’t apply to all books). We won’t be promoting this code but you can give it to anyone you’d like either directly or in newsletters, on social media or at the end of an article etc. Just get it out there!
    • We will email you a flyer as a JPEG which can be posted on social media etc.
    • The offer of articles and interviews as detailed below.
  • Email:
    • Tell your colleagues and friends in the industry. Ask for their help in spreading the word (template below).
    • Tell your firm or chambers. Ask if they can mention it in their newsletter or send it to their mailing list.
    • Add an email signature mentioning the book (template below).
  • Social media
    • Spread the word on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and any other relevant social media. Perhaps upload the flyer as your profile picture on those sites. Do posts both on your own profile as well as in relevant groups where allowed and again ask others to help get the message out there.
  • Industry bodies
    • Contact any relevant industry bodies and societies. They might have newsletters, magazines and mailings lists which could help.
  • Journals
    • Contact any relevant journals. Tell them about the book and offer them an article which might incorporate extracts from the book itself. Examples of good relevant journals are PILJ, JPIL, Solicitors Journal, New Law Journal, Claims Media. You will be aware of other specialist journals in your own area.
    • Where appropriate ask if they would consider reviewing the book. We are very happy to offer free review copies to any relevant and quality journals but only if they have already agreed to publish a review. If it’s not a well-known journal then do check with us first since an article may be more beneficial than a review for smaller publications.
    • Offer an interview with yourself. This might sound a bit much but remember journals are constantly looking for new content and if you can bear it don’t be backward in coming forward! See a template of 10 interview questions below.  Feel free to use that verbatim or adapt/build on it.
  • Websites/forums/blogs
    • Look up websites, blogs and forums which may be affected by the book and either post about it there if this is permitted or contact the website owner to seek permission to do so. Again, offer interviews or extracts as articles.
  • Seminars
    • When giving a talk or attending a seminar print off the flyer we provide and offer it to attendees.
  • Book launch.
    • Whilst we don’t get involved in book launches they are very easy for the author to organise. Simply book a venue and send out the invite via email and social media. Print off the flyer for the day. If you want to sell copies yourself then you can buy them up front from us at a 40% discount for 10 copies or more (or 25% discount for under 10 copies). Just ask us if this is of interest. (This discount would also apply to any personal copies you may wish to buy from us over and above the free copies which you will receive.

Some other things you may wish to consider as a new author

  • You can register as the author of your book with Amazon and create your own author page. Visit authorcentral.amazon.co.uk
  • You can register your book with the Public Lending Right site which provides royalties for use of your book by libraries. Visit https://www.plr.uk.com
  • You can register your book with the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society which collects money when your book is used for photocopying, scanning and digital copying. Visit https://www.alcs.co.uk

Email templates

  • Template text for your email signature:
    • Read a free chapter from my new book, [TITLE], online now at [URL]
  • Template for an email letter and/or social media post which you can use as is, modify, or just as inspiration for your own text:
    • Dear friends.  I am delighted to announce the release of my new book, [TITLE], which is now available from Amazon at [URL], and direct from the publishers at [URL] where you can also read a sample chapter for free.(OPTIONAL: I can also offer an exclusive 10% discount which you can obtain by going to [URL] and entering the promotional code [CODE] when prompted).

Interview Template
This is simply an example of an interview template you could fill out and offer to journals or websites. Remember, make it as little work for them as possible!

Introduction: your name, where you practise and the name of your book.

  • Question 1. Tell us a little about you and your practice.
  • Question 2. Tell us a little about your book.
  • Question 3. Who is it aimed at?
  • Question 4. What problems can it help to solve?
  • Question 5. Describe your average working day.
  • Question 6. What law would you most like to change and why?
  • Question 7. What advice would you give to those considering a career in the law?
  • Question 8. What are your favourite books?
  • Question 9. What are your favourite films/TV shows?
  • Question 10. Outside of work, what makes you happy?
  • Conclusion: reminder that the book is available now from www.lawbriefpublishing.com, amazon.co.uk and good legal bookshops.