Free sample from ‘Contempt of Court and the New Rules’ by Abid Mahmood


CHAPTER THREE – THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CONTEMPT Lord Mansfield CJ said in Morgan v Jones (1773) Lofft 160, 176 “Most of the disputes in the world arise from words.” Not unlike medicine or dentistry, the legal profession and the courts have had their own way of excluding laypeople from understanding the […]


FREE CHAPTER from ‘A Practical Guide to Extradition Law Post-Brexit’ by Myles Grandison, Kathryn Howarth, Daniel Sternberg, Benjamin Seifert, Émilie Pottle, Saoirse Townshend, Emily Wilsdon, Juliet Wells


CHAPTER ONE – THE INITIAL HEARING Arrest under certified request/warrant Powers of arrest The 2003 Act provides for a range of powers of arrest in order to give effect to extradition requests. In Part 1 cases, the position is relatively straightforward since no domestic arrest warrant is required in order to […]