Who is Law Brief Publishing?
Law Brief Publishing was founded in 2006. It publishes Law Brief Books providing practical guides for the profession, PIBULJ.COM which is the UK’s leading online PI journal and Law Brief Update which consists of a series of free legal newsletters which go out to over 10,000 readers. 
The co-founders are former barrister Tim Kevan and IT expert Garry Wright

Which books have you published already and what books do you have planned?
We have published over 180 books and have many more due in the coming months. A list of our currently available books along with a number of our forthcoming books can be seen here

What type of books are you looking for?
We have built up an extensive series of hard copy Practical Guides written by practising solicitors and barristers and aimed at those currently in legal practice. Some cover niche topics within bigger subject areas whilst others provide a more introductory approach to larger topics. They are not intended to be comprehensive but instead focus on the issues which are most likely to be helpful to a practitioner. The idea is that they boil down the main points into a short accessible volume and not only help those new to the topic but also act as an easy source of reference and update for the more experienced practitioner.

How long do you expect the books to be?
The minimum word count is 15,000 words and in general the maximum is 50,000 words. This might range from 60 pages up to 200 or more pages. As a guide, 15,000 words might take someone three hours to deliver as a lecture. It all depends upon the subject matter and the audience but in general 20,000 to 30,000 words is a fairly good place to start.

What sort of timeframe would you be looking at?
Our starting point is for books to be written within six months although they can obviously be done earlier than that. We’re also happy to discuss longer timetables for particular circumstances. Once we have received the book, it is copy-edited and after that the formatting, design and technical aspects are taken care of. Our standard timetable for delivery of a hard copy book is, all things being equal, seven weeks from delivery of the manuscript though this can be expedited where necessary.

How do you market your books?
We market and sell the books mostly via our websites and newsletters as well as through Amazon. They are also made available to booksellers such as Wildys who make regular orders with us. You can see the marketing tips and guidelines we provide to authors on completion of the book here.

How are your royalties calculated, and is there any advance payment or fee involved?
We pay 10% of our net receipts which means the cover price less any commissions and/or discounts given. So a £50 book sold through Amazon’s system which takes 40% would leave £30 and 10% of that would be £3 for that sale. The multiples can then be worked out accordingly. However, it’s fair to say that law books don’t tend to make people rich but nevertheless a royalty payment is always welcome and we are transparent about our sales and pay royalties every year.

Would there be copies made available to authors for free?
Yes. We will generally give five free copies if there is just one author and six for co-authors to share.

What is the copyright situation?
The book is registered for ISBN and copyright is asserted in the usual way. What’s more the contract makes it explicitly clear that our focus is the book and we don’t restrict your own use of the material save for avoiding any competing book or other similar product. So if you wanted to use extracts in articles, seminars or other marketing material you’d be absolutely free to do so.

What about updates?
If the book proves to be a success we’d hope to do further editions every two to three years if possible.

Do you provide any guidelines for writing the book itself?
Yes, we will discuss exactly how to go about writing a book including providing a number of practical tips which you can see here. We will also send you important guidelines on copyright, layout, formatting and the like, which are online here. Of course we’re also always available to help out personally.

What do your previous Authors think of your service?
Here are some testimonials from our authors:

“To produce a book of any sort involves five stages: Conception, writing, editing, publishing and marketing. You might think that you can manage one or two of those stages without help, but Law Brief Publishing can offer real world guidance, from people who have done it themselves, on each of those phases, honing the thought processes in the formulation of the concept, encouraging the writing phase whilst maintaining objectivity, providing an editing service alongside your own critical eye, producing a final product which you’d like to think that people want on their bookshelf and actually getting it out there so that people read it. Approachable and transparent, they’ve tried to rein in my excesses whilst encouraging me to push conceptual boundaries when writing. I’m proud of what I’ve produced, and I’m very grateful for them allowing me, and assisting me, to achieve that.”
David Boyle. Barrister. Deans Court Chambers.

“I’ve been really impressed with Law Brief Publishing. Without Tim and Garry I would never have written one book, let alone two! They are brilliant at identifying particular specialist skills and encouraging authors to develop them by writing. The marketing and the support even after publication is exemplary”.
Pankaj Madan. Barrister. 12 King’s Bench Walk & Exchange Chambers.

“Working with Law Brief Publishing was a very enjoyable experience and being known, now, as an author on a serious modern legal topic has helped the profile of this firm and me personally in ways I would not have predicted.”
Rufus Ballaster, Solicitor. Partner at Carter Lemmon Camerons LLP.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Law Brief Publishing for a number of years. I have been very happy with the quality of their finished product and I have no doubt that it has raised my profile in the industry. Law Brief Publishing have been very easy to work with; their procedures are clear and payment has always been prompt and proper.”
Aidan Ellis. Barrister. Temple Garden Chambers.

“It has been a pleasure writing for Law Brief Publishing. The process has been straightforward, the book designs and layouts are excellent and the authors fee structure is clear from the outset. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of writing a legal publication.”
Andrew Mckie. Barrister. Clerksroom.

“Working with Law Brief Publishing was an excellent experience, the quality of the book was very high, sales figures and royalties were all made absolutely clear and overall this was a very successful relationship.”
Alex Williams, creator of Queen’s Counsel.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Law Brief Publishing to other legal professionals keen to publish. LBP are excellent motivators and editors, with a highly professional approach and a go-getting attitude. They produce an excellent product and are efficient marketers.”
Alex Glassbrook, Barrister. Temple Garden Chambers.

“Approachable.  Nurturing.  User-friendly.  Law Brief Publishing offer a seamless service from the germination of an idea, to the final layout and beyond through marketing, enabling ideas to blossom.  Garry and Tim are accessible, responsive, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Dominic Bright.  Barrister, Lamb Chambers.

“Many thanks for the opportunity in writing my first book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and found the whole process straightforward – you made it very easy!”

Susie Mountain, Associate, Brodies LLP Solicitors

“I very much enjoyed working with Law Brief Publishing on my book ‘A Practical Guide to Managing GDPR Subject Access Requests’. I would strongly recommend them to lawyers wishing to write a practical textbook on an area of expertise. They are fair, efficient and professional and I found the experience stimulating and fun.”
Patrick O’Kane, In-House Barrister and Head of Privacy at a Fortune 500 Company