What a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

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It is easy to say, “You need an attorney”. However, the value of one’s representation depends on the size of the case. The more difficult and costly the case, the more likely it is that you’ll benefit from an attorney who specializes in a given area. For example, you should search for a truck accident lawyer instead of hiring the first personal injury attorney you find. What can a truck accident lawyer in the USA do for you?

Determine Liability in a Complex Case

The average car accident involves two people and their respective insurance companies. You might get a three-way accident with that many individuals, but determining liability is generally straight forward. Truck accidents involve far more than two people in most cases. For example, most truck drivers are employees. You aren’t just suing them by their employer. And the responsibility to maintain the brakes in the trailer or secure the load may lie with someone else. A Houston truck accident lawyer has the experience to determine liability and fight the multi-party cases that often arise from trucking accidents.

Properly Total the Associated Losses

A personal injury case is only viable if there are damages that someone else is liable for. There’s little point in hiring an attorney when their time costs more than what they may help you win in court. Car accidents are generally sizable enough to warrant expert legal assistance, since you’re typically facing medical bills, property damages and other associated costs. And truck accidents are some of the most devastating personal injury cases, both literally and figuratively. This is why truck accidents are among the most expensive personal injury cases. You may need to replace a totaled car and request reimbursement for months of future unpaid wages. The severe injuries associated with a truck accident will cause many to require skilled nursing assistance or hire someone to help with the kids. You may need to modify your home to accommodate someone in a wheelchair. If you only request reimbursement for medical bills to date and property damage, you may lose out on the opportunity to be reimbursed for future expenses.

Fight the Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

When there are several parties involved, each has both the incentive and ability to shift the blame to someone else. And all of them will try to shift most of the blame to you. This also gives everyone involved the ability to delay. Insurance companies often try to delay hearings or demand extra paperwork in an effort to wear you down. Don’t be surprised if they lose the third copy of the police report and ask for a fourth. They do this so you’ll either give up or give in, accepting less in a settlement than you really deserve. A truck accident attorney will act as an intermediary between you and the insurance companies. Note that they can also interface with your health insurer, worker’s compensation and auto insurer, so that you don’t have to deal with one side demanding payment while the other tries to delay their payments to you.