Signs Of Possible Sexual Abuse According To Miami Yacht Crew Assault Laywers

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Protecting our loved ones especially our family members from sexual violence and abuse is of the utmost importance. For those who have autism and other disabilities, protecting them is even more crucial.

Sexual abuse includes non-touching and touching activities. Some examples of non-touching activity include showing pornography to someone, dirty talks and acts, taking photographs with sexual poses, intentionally exposing an adult’s genitals to someone, and inappropriately watching the victim to use the bathroom or undress.

And examples of touching activities include touching someone’s private parts for sexual pleasure, making the victim touch someone else’s private parts against their will or with threats, and putting objects or body parts such as tongue, fingers, or penis into the victim’s vagina, inside the mouth, or in the anus just for sexual pleasure.

Common Signs of Possible Sexual Abuse

Most sexual assault victims are women and these terrible thing can happen anytime and when they are cornered by the perpetrators. Most reported sexual assault cases usually happens in homes, streets or bars but a lot of them happen on the waters too. It can be on a cruise ship, charter boats or yacht, sexual abuse is far more likely to happen on these places since the victims usually have nowhere to go and most victims are usually crews. It’s a common scenario that a lot of people, especially those who have money, have private parties in yachts and charters.  They feel that they can do anything in the middle of the sea and no one can stop them from doing what they want. Thus, sexual assaults happen, good things is there are Miami Yacht Crew Sexual Assault laywers that handles similar cases and brings justice to the victims.

Children are also not exempted to sexual assaults and younger children including toddlers can also be victims. Children don’t usually report sexual abuse to their parents it’s either because they are ashamed, or they have been threatened not to speak. That’s why children often show it rather than telling it directly to their parents.

There might be many reasons for their changes in behavior. Here are just some of the sign that the child has gone through possible sexual abuse.

  • The child has nightmares or sleep problems without any explanation
  • Acting out in an inappropriate sexual way with toys or objects
  • Sudden change in eating habits such as the child don’t want to eat, loss or increases his or her appetite, and has trouble swallowing
  • Refuses to talk about a secret shared with an older child or with an adult
  • Unexplained personality changes, insecurities, and mood swings
  • Suddenly has money, gifts, or toys without reason
  • Leaves clues that are probably to provoke a conversation about sexual issues
  • Unaccountable fear of particular places or people
  • Don’t want to be alone with a particular person
  • Always resist in removing the clothes during appropriate times like taking a bath or changing clothes
  • Copies adult-like sexual behaviors with stuffed animals and other toys
  • Asks other children to play sexual games or behave sexually 
  • For older children, they attempt to suicide or harm themselves
  • Have physical signs like unexplained bruises or soreness around the private parts, sexually transmitted diseases, or even pregnancy

These signs are just some of the common indications of a child’s sexual abuse, but there might still be other reasons why a child behaves like this such as a death of a family member or pet, during his or her parent’s divorce, any traumatic events, or problems at school or with friends.

Preventing Sexual Abuse in Children

Caregivers, friends, and parents just want to protect their loved ones or children from being a victim of sexual assault, and here are some helpful tips on how to prevent it from happening.

  • For younger children, teach them the accurate names of private body parts
  • Teaching children about body safety and difference between not okay and okay touches
  • Let kids know that they have the authority to decide about their bodies. Authorize them to say no when they don’t want to get touched and to say no to touching others.
  • Educate the children about the difference between good secrets and bad secrets.
  • Ensure that children know that other kids or adults don’t need help with their private parts.
  • Teach children to take care of their private parts such as when wiping after bathroom use or bathing so that they don’t have to depend on another person for help.

If the child has already gone through sexual abuse or sexual harassment, it is important to stay calm, listen carefully, and never blame the child. Make sure to get help and report the activity immediately.


Discovering that someone has been a victim of sexual abuse is very devastating. Taking the time to talk to the victims about keeping themselves and others safe will help them realize that there is someone who is willing to listen. Particular care might be needed in educating the victims to understand their rights and there are always someone who are willing to help them like Miami Yacht Crew Sexual Assault laywers. Alos, make sure that they can communicate effectively about whatever worries they have.

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