Factors to Consider Before Appointing DUI Attorneys

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If you are caught for ‘Driving Under Influence’ or what is known as DUI what would you do? Hire, a lawyer? Well, yes, that’s when a DUI attorney can help. Such situations can be gruelling and appointing a professional may look like the only way ahead.

It is vital to keep your composure in such stressful situations. This will not only help you cope with the situation but also make it easier to work out things in your favor. While you may easily find an attorney to readily take up your case, hiring the right DUI lawyer will be a better way of making the best of the situation. Here are a few tips for hiring the best attorney.

Maintain transparency 

No matter what happened, you need to be honest with your lawyer about the circumstances. Depending on the level of intoxication a driver can be deemed guilty. Different rules apply across states further complicating the matter.

When the state charges you with violations, you may find yourself battling against more than one law or penalties. Being honest with your DUI attorney can help him understand the case fully well and accordingly work around it.

Hiring would be better than representing yourself 

Of course, you have the right to stand for yourself, but experts suggest that it may not be as effective always, especially, if you don’t have experience in representing yourself. Lacking legal skills or knowledge can only weaken your case further.

It is important to know that judges may not be as patient with defendants in case they aren’t able to present themselves strongly or are ignorant of the court rules.

Also, if you are planning to hire a local judge or a public defender, it may save you some money but there could be a flip side to it i.e. you might not get the required legal guidance about DMV matters.

Whether you will get to keep your license or would have to forgo it until the case is resolved,  such administrative or any criminal dealings can smoothly be handled by your private DUI lawyer in coordination with the state motor vehicles department and the police department.

Some jurisdictions may require you to personally appear for all the court hearings and proceedings. If you have a private counsel, you may not have to be present for routine appearances. Compared to hiring public defenders, another positive aspect of appointing professional private attorneys is that you can expect them to address and respond to all your concerns.

Read more on the pros of hiring a DUI lawyer @ https://www.quora.com/Why-hire-a-DUI-lawyer.

Look for references

Before hiring a DUI attorney, it would be good to ask around. If your friends or family members whom you can trust have ever consulted an advocate before, you can ask them for feedback. This will help you find out the type of service and cost to be incurred on services.

No two legal cases can be treated equally nor would the outcome be the same but at least referral from the ones you trust can be assuring. Moreover, you can check out online testimonials and reviews.


You may have a plethora of concerns and queries regarding the case. A person who is sensitive, as well as pragmatic, can help you keep calm through the situation while working towards the desired outcome. Someone who is open to listening and can measure the strengths and weaknesses of the case is worth hiring.

There are DUI lawyers who offer a free consultation to their clients while others may charge a nominal fee. Choose carefully! Good lawyers could be busy but someone who at least responds or reverts to your messages would always make a better choice.

A little groundwork can move things faster. It would be good to prepare yourself for consultations to make the best out of the time you have. You can assemble all required documents including those that mention the charges, police report, bail papers, etc.

Be it regarding the number of jury trials he/she has handled, the staff strength that can assist you with the case, or his/her hands-on experience in handling DUI defence, you can always write down all that you intend to ask your lawyer.

Check the size and reputation of his firm 

There are myriad factors behind a lawyer’s well-established firm. It is always good to hire an attorney that works with a qualified team of people. This is relevant because your case might need frequent representations in the hearings and other matters. A professional and big team will never fail to represent you at the court or give you the time and attention you need.

It takes a lot of hard work and experience to earn the name and that a firm does. You can consider appointing an attorney who has a rich experience in handling DUI cases and that in general. Follow this link to be your lawyer in court.

Check your lawyer’s license and credentials 

If you walk into your lawyer’s office and see his certificate and license framed on the wall, it’s a good sign as you know that your lawyer is not a fraud. Fraud agencies could often try to dupe you and disappear.

Being alert can help prevent such miscreants. Lawyers who happily share details of their license validity and practice achievements add on to their client’s confidence.

Not all optimistic-sounding lawyers would make a befitting choice. Consider someone who resonates with you and shows the vibes to go a long way with you chasing positive results. You could come across a DUI attorney who rushes their work. If it feels uncomfortable, you might need to take a call as it would be good to have someone who also considers your needs and acknowledges your time.

Meet a few lawyers before finalizing someone to represent your case. If you have to go for a trial, you’ll need an attorney, and appointing someone with inadequate knowledge or experience can land you in trouble, especially if you aren’t aware of the rules.