6 Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

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One relatively common question that crops up after a car accident in the USA is this: “Do I need the services of a car accident lawyer?”. In cases where there are adjusters and lawyers hired by your insurance company, then you might need to do just that. After all, insurance companies are notorious in refusing their clients’ full and honest compensation, and you certainly want to make sure that you have someone on your side who will argue for your rights.

Do you still need to be convinced about the merits of hiring a car accident attorney? We have listed down the top reasons you might need the services of one – keep on reading.

1.   You’ll have someone who will negotiate with your insurance company.

It’s no secret how stressful it is to deal with insurance companies when it comes to issues of securing settlements. With a lawyer, you will have someone to represent you in front of the insurance committee to negotiate for the compensation that you deserve.

The reduced stress of not having to face the insurance adjuster is justification enough for most people.

2.   You can firmly establish liability.

With a competent lawyer working the case for you, you’ll be able to gather enough evidence to establish the party liable for your injuries. This can be especially useful in cases where negligence is not easily established. When this happens, everyone involved will likely attempt to transfer the blame to the other part, adding tension to the already stressful situation.

Without established liability or if there has been contributory negligence, your insurance company will not hesitate to jump in on the situation and use it as a reason for withholding your compensation. A lawyer will further help defend your right when this happens.

3.   You will have a more precise estimate of the amount due to you.

Just as insurance companies will have insurance adjusters to negotiate according to their best interests, a car accident lawyer will also negotiate for yours too. They will be able to provide a clear picture regarding the situation, including an accurate estimate of just how much compensation you are expected to recover.

4.   Your lawyer can walk you through all the laws and regulations involved.

After an accident, you have your injury to worry about. Plus, your insurance company breathing will likely be breathing down your neck. For sure, this can be a confusing time for you. Insurance policies will be quoted alongside state laws and regulations. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see through the ploy and remain grounded in your demands.

Of course, having a lawyer who specializes in cases similar to this will benefit you. You’ll have someone who will explain all cited regulation and policy, and they will make sure that these are carried out properly too.

5.   You will be able to file for your claim within the statute of limitations.

Another good reason to hire a lawyer is that they work pretty fast in taking legal action and filing for claims – long before the statute of limitation is bound to take effect. Any aspect that has a timeframe to it will no longer be a race between you and father time because you have someone who will mind the deadlines on your behalf.

6.   You will have someone to represent you in court.

If it comes to this, you will have someone who will file the lawsuit for you and aggressively fight for your rights (and for proper compensation) in court. When the court is involved, insurance adjusters are likely to concede and offer you a fair settlement.